To new beginnings


I have been thinking for the past couple of months of 2014, that I really want to have an exciting and adventurous 2015. Because last year was a bit of a snooze fest for me – it is true, I did some travelling, went to a different continent even, but I never experienced something truly new. I never took that language course that I wanted, never got around to renewing my fitness regimen after abandoning it for almost a year. I never got back to discovering the unknown, discovering the excitement of the challenge ahead. You know what I am talking about – when you do not know what lays in front of you, but you can’t wait to find out. When you take the leap of faith and stop procrastinating. And when faced with an adventure, though it might be scary, do it anyway. I never did that, any of that in the past year, I slacked and now I ever so gradually begin to understand the brilliance of P. Coelho’s saying “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.”

However, I picked myself up and decided – that is it; I am starting fresh and brave this new year. I started my little blog first thing in January and bravely bought the domain – I figured this way I will not cheat and blog once in 3 months but will actually write. And photograph. And film. I just need to let my creativity flow. Then I operated a motor vehicle after 5 solid years of never driving. Let me tell you – it was frightening. I know most of you might laugh but my hands were shaky for about 20 minutes after changing back to the passenger seat. But you know what – it felt great! I started a small craft project and I am actually thinking about taking a couple of courses at this cute little DIY shop I found by adding facebook pages of businesses and people I actually like and admire. Can’t wait, to be honest! Apropos – the “More Pages You May Like” that pops out after you add / like a certain business are brilliant, well done you Mark Zuckerberg.

So there you have it, it is not yet the end of month one for this year and I am a firm believer that it will be an incredible one. We just have to make it happen. Do not wait for someone to do it for you. Do not wish for it. If it scares you, just jump right in. And something unbelievable will happen – you will feel truly alive.

I promise.

love phenya love

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