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You know how people often claim that chubby/round/fat/plump people are the best? How they always have a smile on their faces and they can laugh through any situation? How they tell by far the best jokes and can make even a dirty old teaspoon giggle? However, have you ever thought, what lies underneath it all…

I have this great colleague at work. Great looking, charming and has been a good friend, helping me ever since I got the job. We used to go to lunch together, more often than we do now. I used to laugh at his jokes as if he was a dear friend. But all of that somehow changed, since he started calling me his “favourite meatball”. I laughed it out at first. Said I was by far the best meatball in town. He agreed. Then the next day, he repeated the meatball joke. I made a joke back and we both had a good chuckle. By day 10 it was not so funny any more. Annoyed, I confronted him, told him I appreciate his sense of humour, but he is becoming repetitive and I do not care much for such attitude. He was sincerely confused – “You took it so well the first couple of times, I thought it was cool”. Well, it was not.

I do not consider myself big, but many people do see me as a plump young lady. And I am here to tell you, big people always use food to deal with stress and moreover, use humour as a defence mechanism.

We used to get offended, back in high school, remember? We would fight verbally and physically, if someone called us names like “fat”. “four eyes”and “braces boy”. Throwing punches and defending what we held most dear – the way our peers perceive us – got us into trouble. Even worse – most of the times, made others more likely to make fun of us, even though not so openly. As we grew both in years and in sizes, we slowly came to the realization, that the name calling will never stop and we’d better deal with it in a way that is acceptable to society. We’d better find a way not to lose a friend just for calling us “a meatball”, right?

But here comes the issue of how much of a friend you have there, if they make fun of the way you look. In the words of George R.R. Martin, spoken through the brilliant Tyrion Lannister: “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you”.

But there are various significant adjectives, that describe not what you are in general, but what you are, right now.

Unlike so many things in life, your weight is subject to change.

As are some of your friends.

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  1. Start calling him d*ckhead, and when he get offended ask him where is his sense of humour, maybe where his d*ck was ’cause now he is a d*ckhead !

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