The good laugh


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You know how people often claim that chubby/round/fat/plump people are the best? How they always have a smile on their faces and they can laugh through any situation? How they tell by far the best jokes and can make even a dirty old teaspoon giggle? However, have you ever thought, what lies underneath it all… Continue Reading

Hard days and dealing with stress – Part II


In a post a couple of days ago, I gave you a couple of modest advice on how to deal with a really bad day – the kind that drags you down, until you have no energy left to fight negativity. Today I present to you the rest of the four elements, that I find helpful in dealing with stress – Air and Earth.

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Hard days and dealing with stress – Part I

4elements.jpgDo you happen to remember this Bonnie Tyler song – “It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache…”? Up until recently I believed the lyrics went “it’s a hard day”, not “it’s a heartache”. Silly me, I know, but catching it on the radio last night, I thought about hard days. You know, the ones that take you by surprise, because you woke up in a great mood, headed to work or school, and everything was all right. Up until that point, when it all started to fall apart. Continue Reading