I am that kind of woman

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I am that kind of woman. The kind of woman your mother warned you about. The kind of woman who knows what she wants and will get it, one way or another. I am the demanding kind, the one that requires all your resources: attention, love, physical presence. I am the kind of woman that knows trouble when she sees it; and if I am with you and you are corrupt, I chose to be with you not despite that quality of yours, but because of it. I will not try and change you – I will show you how you can change yourself… if you choose to. I will demand your constant upgrading; I will require you improve yourself.

I will require it, not request it.

If you can rise up and be that man, you are welcome by my side.

I am that kind of woman. The kind of woman who can effortlessly sip a beer at the park and then eat a 150$ meal at a 5 star hotel with the same ease. I can be casual when I want to be but when I am not, I will be the most astounding infusion of a female you have laid your eyes on. I am the one that wears heels and sneakers, the one that has no need for validation. My eyes are made of ice and fire and my heart has been forged by both those elements. I belong to me and me only.

I am that kind of woman. The kind of woman that is made of so many complex threads that you find yourself lost in my web. I will be kind and sweet at first, but be warned – you might unleash a fury, that is beyond your own powers to manage. I contain a palette of emotions, indescribable by a painter or a poet.

I burn, I bite, I am.

You will not find me thinking of you in the middle of the night. I would much rather visit you in your dreams and haunt your thoughts all day after. I am smarter than you think and naughtier than I show. I choose to be this way. Be careful what you wish for and be ready for adversity. I will give you storms and thunders before you can sail calmly in my eyes. I am the kind of woman who knows no moderation, no in-between. Set a fire in my mind and let it consume my soul – I will be yours; let it smoulder for too long and you will lose me. Unquestionably.

I am that kind of woman.

The kind of woman your mother warned you to stay clear of.

Try and tame me, I dare you.

love phenya love

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