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Facing your fears and establishing challenges to be conquered is a must, if you want to have a life worth living – that is one of the mantras of our century. And the century before this one, for that matter. Aren’t we all in a mad race to be the better, brighter, more advanced versions of ourselves? Caught up in a contest to find new spaces, new people and make fantastic memories, don’t we rush things a bit too much? When did we lose the sweet thrill of saving money to go places? When did we lose the prolonged pleasure, which waiting for a call from a special someone used to deliver us?

When are we going to stop rushing our own life and just … have a little patience?

I have that one friend, a big player, as he defines himself. Went on a date with a cute girl, told all his friends (including me) he isn’t going to call her for at least 3 days, in order to build suspense and/or to achieve the ultimate validation, by having her call first. Was on the phone with her 30 minutes after that brave statement, just because she was all he was talking about and I had the stupidity to confront him with “You might as well just call her and be the better man!” She refused the second date about 4 times before he gave up asking. And now he blames me. Because I was the one, that had to go interfere with their relationship.

Maybe he is right. Don’t take my advice ever so lightly – 50 % of the time I am wrong. However, 50% of the time I am right and you need to repay me for my genius ideas in apple cider or mint chocolate chip ice-cream. But that was not the point of that post, was it?

It has never been easy for me to just sit and wait for something to happen – for that guy to call me, for that confirmation letter to arrive, for the other person to talk to me first. I rush things and sometimes I crash and burn. Badly. However, when I master the self-composure game, the savory anticipation provides me all the adrenaline I can dream of. Think about it! Which one is better – the moment before the first kiss, when you know you will be kissed, or the moment after that, when you realize he has sharp teeth? Imagine moments before you tell your boss you’re finally leaving your work for that better place – if you’ve kept it a secret for a week, oh, how soothing is that?

However, often times waiting equals torture. And I have absolutely no idea how one can make it less agonizing. I have yet to master the skill of distinguishing correctly when I need to have the ‘go get it!‘ attitude and the ‘be Zen and let the universe handle it!”. I would love to be one of those calm people – the ones that can do all sorts of work, while waiting for something big to happen. It’s just not me.

I admit being content with the present is one of my weakest characteristics. I am a spoiled little princess who wants it all and wants it now.  But at least I have the balls to admit it.

Do you?

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  1. Technically, my dear sweet friend, all you have to do is swap the “waiting” part with the “live now” one.
    The universe, however always handles it… with or without your help. All you have to do is send the message… and continue living and appreciating the NOW… not waiting for the message to be received, the universe to send you a sign, that person to call you back or kiss you … Do not leave the drawing of your emotional trip (AKA your life) in the hands of others … Do not live in anticipation of what it is to come – but in appreciation of what is now, what is you and what you have and what you are.
    Otherwise your life will be a string of moments that you have been waiting for and all the rest is time wasted.
    That whole week before you tell your boss that you are finally leaving for that better place – look around and see what you will be living behind, the feelings that you will never feel again, the lessons that you have learned, the person you were when you first started and the person that you are now. Because this is all you – stop, take a breather and appreciate yourself – because you are a miracle , may be even say thank you to the universe for all that you have, for all that you will have and for all that you have the chance to leave behind… basically – just take a breather as we call it nowadays . And no rush – what do you think will happen? The world will end or you will experience the awesome feeling of internal piece and balance… I think the latter :D – Just acknowledge that in that moment there is so much more happening in your life than you waiting for something to happen .. So much more .. .your life is happening … you are happening … a miracle is happening … every moment – and that is you
    You are just awesome – aren’t you :D:D:D

    • My dearest, you are just brilliant, did you know that? Thank you for the wise advice, will do my best to go and play it cool in the now. Love you to bits!

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