Hard days and dealing with stress – Part II


In a post a couple of days ago, I gave you a couple of modest advice on how to deal with a really bad day – the kind that drags you down, until you have no energy left to fight negativity. Today I present to you the rest of the four elements, that I find helpful in dealing with stress – Air and Earth.


Now this one is a bit out there, but bear with me. Click on this link or on this one and lower the volume of your playing device, as well as the lighting. If you don’t care for that particular sound, choose any chill out set you like and play it low.

Now, I bet you have an exercise mat somewhere in the house. Or at least a blanket. Put it on the floor and lay on top of it. Yes, I know you might be freezing or pissed and you can’t get yourself to stay at one place, let alone lie down, but do it, face up, like a log. Now listen and breathe. In through the nose, out through whatever feels comfortable – fill those lungs to their full capacity. Do not rush it, just let the air sink in; let your mind drain all the destructive thoughts and images from today. Think about the influence of the music and the fact that people sometimes receive great powers through it. Think about how grateful you are for the family you have. Or for the friends you were given in this life. If for nothing else, be grateful you have ears to listen with. I bet you never thought about that, have you?

Earth earthhead.jpg

Now this might sound a bit controversial, but everyone has their own therapy, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Housework! If you have the physical power and you are not completely drenched, try cooking or cleaning. Blast that music you love, it might be AC/DC, it might be Ceca , go full force on the volume and do that housework. From a personal experience – scrubbing the bath tiles works wonders for a broken heart. Cooking something easy makes you forget what the boss said and how you felt because of it. Do not jump over to complicated stuff like testing a new elaborate recipe. No Beef Wellington or that triple- chocolate- salted- caramel –homemade- macarons -filled –Soufflé with homemade custard on the side. Why? Because if you fail, you will feel twice as bad as you did one silly meal ago. Just something simple that will warm your heart and melt that icy cube that your mind has become.

You can use all of the above remedies in a night, or you can combine them in any way you want. Trust me, you will feel rejuvenated, healed and blissful. Or to say the least – a bit better! My sincere advice is to try and rise above the petit problems, do not overanalyze and just try and see what the lesson is, behind all that is happening.

It is there, I promise, you just have to look; maybe through someone else’s eyes.

Be strong and stay positive,

love phenya love






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