Hard days and dealing with stress – Part I

4elements.jpgDo you happen to remember this Bonnie Tyler song – “It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache…”? Up until recently I believed the lyrics went “it’s a hard day”, not “it’s a heartache”. Silly me, I know, but catching it on the radio last night, I thought about hard days. You know, the ones that take you by surprise, because you woke up in a great mood, headed to work or school, and everything was all right. Up until that point, when it all started to fall apart.

One thing went terribly wrong, led to the next bad move and you have no idea how, but now you wouldn’t be able to force a smile out of your face even if you are sprinkled with pixie dust, licked by dancing unicorns and showered with chocolate. Headed home, after some miserable hours of pretending it will all be ok, you resemble one of those cartoons that have a cloud with thunders drawn over their heads. And it is pouring with rain and negativity all over you.

Now, I know all you really want to do is devour a massive amount of comfort food or gulp at least a couple of ice-less, burning drinks, just head to bed to watch some terrible TV and basically pass out to sleep. But trust me, do not do that. Your body will feel wretched and your soul will not care much for that burger you pickled in vodka and stuffed your face with last night. I am not saying you should not do it once in a while, but there are far better ways to deal with the urge to drop off the face of the earth.

I always try to do some exercise in the sheer hope, that the endorphins will take care of everything and I will pass on to dreamland exhausted from jumping all over the place and free of all cares. But some days there is not a shred of power left in these old bones and my strength equals that of a newborn kitten, so I must resort to other forms of therapy. Here are some of my ‘horrible, miserable, I want everybody to leave me alone-day’ remedies. I really hope at least one of them will prove handy, as they are all tested and unicorn-proof.


I am pretty sure there is scientific evidence that water purifies the soul. Taking a long (and I mean really long) shower or even better – a bath, will wash out that negativity right away. Put some bubbles in that mother or whip out that favorite shower gel that you save for extremely special occasions like a first date. Or when the Queen comes over. Play some tunes, sing in the shower, rinse off all the bad moments, exfoliate that rough attitude and polish your hurting self-esteem. After that nourish your body and soul with your favorite drink – maybe tea, maybe wine, but just the one glass! And blissfully submerge your purified self in dreamless peaceful sleep.


No, we will not burn anyone’s house. Really. No matter how much you want us to. Even for money.

Candles are the perfect way to calm your soul, after a shaky day. Lit up as many as you want, or if you just have the one – fine, it will still work. Light, warmth and a nice scent – they all bring a small smile, even in the worst of days. Stare at that fire for a while and think about how lucky you actually are. Not because today was a sh*tty day and you are so damn ‘lucky’ to have had it, but because you are alive, you got through another tough one and it is only going to make you tougher. Because every hardship you stumble upon is a lesson that needs to be learned.

 So these are two of my stress dealers. I have some more for you coming soon, so stay tuned and remember – nobody has a picture perfect life. Hard days come once in a while and a great warrior is not the one that hasn’t been beaten down, but the one who has been beaten down many times, has gotten up and went on living positively!


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