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I have this problem, you see…. It’s not a problem, really, more like a tendency. I will be alone – maybe at my home town, maybe at the city I live in – and I will watch a movie. A romantic movie – most likely a Nicholas Sparks one…

What happens next? I will submerge my existence in that movie. I will daydream about moving into a small American town, where I will find that one person. He will be a cowboy or a soldier, or something else ridiculous, like a half-unicorn semi-god. Although we are from two totally different worlds, we will fall in love. Not because he is obscenely sexy and has a killer smile! No…because he GETS me! I will ditch my life and live happily on a farm or maybe a small house by the sea, raising 4 adorable kids and baking pies for the rest of my life. He will be able to ride horses, fix everything around the house, play the guitar, write poetry, earn enough money to spoil me like a princess and still he’d be as modest as a bug…as if!
“No such person exists!” – My inner self shouts, but who is able to hear her through all that sugary nutella-covered romance. Moreover, my sanity continues, if that person is actually living and breathing the air on this planet in this century, he is probably married. Or he is a total playboy sleazebag. Or he likes boys! But there is no convincing me- I feel my parallel being is taking over my everyday activities and I lose myself in that fantasy world. I have to pull myself out of that scenario to remember I actually have a super cute, amazingly gentle man by my side, who loves me to bits with all my quirky, neurotic behavioral patterns. And he is existent, unlike Mr. Imagination Sparks. I have a life I adore and if I don’t like something in it – I have the freedom to change it. All the power to manufacture a dream reality is in my possession, should I choose to take advantage of it.
This post is just a quick shout out to those, who sometimes feel lost in their own dreamland. So if there is anyone out there, who has to deal with your own imaginary-self, running wild from time to time, keep this in mind: you can model your own reality according to preference. Prince Charming will not be the answer, unless the question you’re asking is “who will I never be with?” But the hell with it – it is nice to let yourself go from time to time.
After all – it is all in your head!

Keep on dreaming…

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