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I have this problem, you see…. It’s not a problem, really, more like a tendency. I will be alone – maybe at my home town, maybe at the city I live in – and I will watch a movie. A romantic movie – most likely a Nicholas Sparks one…

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Have a little patience

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Facing your fears and establishing challenges to be conquered is a must, if you want to have a life worth living – that is one of the mantras of our century. And the century before this one, for that matter. Aren’t we all in a mad race to be the better, brighter, more advanced versions of ourselves? Caught up in a contest to find new spaces, new people and make fantastic memories, don’t we rush things a bit too much? When did we lose the sweet thrill of saving money to go places? When did we lose the prolonged pleasure, which waiting for a call from a special someone used to deliver us?

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The good laugh


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You know how people often claim that chubby/round/fat/plump people are the best? How they always have a smile on their faces and they can laugh through any situation? How they tell by far the best jokes and can make even a dirty old teaspoon giggle? However, have you ever thought, what lies underneath it all… Continue Reading

Programming of the female brain 101

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Now that the Valentine’s Day celebrations are over and done, lovebirds tend to go back to their old ways. In some cases, that means male bird looking confused and female bird looking frustrated. In others, it means male bird looking careless and female bird flying sideways. With a chainsaw.

Here are some pointers to female psychology for serious relationship beginners. If you are at that stage with your dearest, where you feel comfortable with each other and/or live together, or you simply know this girl is worth keeping, keep on reading (and maybe taking notes?). She is more complicated than you might think, but Phenya’s here to help you crack that mother f***ing code and keep the peace in your love nest. Continue Reading



Here at Words of Phenya we love to celebrate. I believe if you look closely you will find something to be happy and grateful for every single day – you should cherish your life and rejoice in the choices you make. We especially love to celebrate…love. This first Valentines’ Day I am going to let my words describe you one of the greatest loves of my life.

And it is a girl (short pause for shock).

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Hard days and dealing with stress – Part II


In a post a couple of days ago, I gave you a couple of modest advice on how to deal with a really bad day – the kind that drags you down, until you have no energy left to fight negativity. Today I present to you the rest of the four elements, that I find helpful in dealing with stress – Air and Earth.

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Hard days and dealing with stress – Part I

4elements.jpgDo you happen to remember this Bonnie Tyler song – “It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache…”? Up until recently I believed the lyrics went “it’s a hard day”, not “it’s a heartache”. Silly me, I know, but catching it on the radio last night, I thought about hard days. You know, the ones that take you by surprise, because you woke up in a great mood, headed to work or school, and everything was all right. Up until that point, when it all started to fall apart. Continue Reading

To new beginnings


I have been thinking for the past couple of months of 2014, that I really want to have an exciting and adventurous 2015. Because last year was a bit of a snooze fest for me – it is true, I did some travelling, went to a different continent even, but I never experienced something truly new. I never took that language course that I wanted, never got around to renewing my fitness regimen after abandoning it for almost a year. I never got back to discovering the unknown, discovering the excitement of the challenge ahead. You know what I am talking about – when you do not know what lays in front of you, but you can’t wait to find out. When you take the leap of faith and stop procrastinating. And when faced with an adventure, though it might be scary, do it anyway. I never did that, any of that in the past year, I slacked and now I ever so gradually begin to understand the brilliance of P. Coelho’s saying “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” Continue Reading